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Latest Digital trends in the Food Industry

Technology has revolutionised almost everything around us, including the way we do our business. It is then not surprising to know that it has also impacted the food industry to a great extent. By that, we are not talking about the way the food industry works but rather the way digital technology has been innovatively utilized by the food industry to just delight their customers the most ingenious way possible. Here are a few of the trends that seem to have caught the food industry by a storm!

Chef in a Hologram

You have heard of fashion shows that use holographic models, or shows that use holographic imagery, but imagine this, if Electrolux’s new idea is implemented then you could get tutored by chefs in your kitchen through holograms!

QR codes that you can chew

A San Diego based restaurant called Harney Sushi has innovatively addressed the issue of mislabelled seafood by designing QR codes made of edible rice paper!  Now not can you know more about your food but safely chew it down with the label!

Burger bots!

A robot developed by Momentum Machines produces about 360 burgers per hour, and chops all the ingredients fresh while it processes the order! Not only that, it allows one to customise the orders, so your filling needs to be one third bison and two thirds pork? The bot does it for you!

Interactive Cocktail Lounges

So you like to interact? A lounge in Tokyo by the name “Logbar” lets its customers view the menu on an iPad Mini and to interact with other drinkers while they get to know, like and order what they are sipping on! Not only that, you can also create your signature cocktail and add that to the menu and earn a 50 yen margin every time someone orders it from the menu! How cool is that?

Intelli-Ice Cubes

If you don’t know what makes you tipsy, we got a solution for you! These ice cubes warn you when you drink too fast by flashing lights. And also send a text message to your best bud if you keep ignoring the warning! Green for moderate drinking, amber for a faster pace and finally read for the final warning, this is a must have for all those who don’t like to pass out in a pub and if you do, your friends sure do know where you are!


Electrolux has one more innovation under its kitty and that is a Smart-knife that checks for every little detail of the food it cuts, like the level of pesticides, nutrients and bacteria. Not only that, it also helps in keeping the cut food fresh by emitting negative ions!

3D-printed confectionary

Sugar Lab, a confectionary company has created geometric sculptured sugar candies using 3-D printing. 3-Delicious you mean?

Laser cut food

Imagine hams that are engraved of biscuits that have been laser cut into a Louis Vuitton logo or better still lasagne that has been set in the form of topographic art? Yum

Tattoo your food

Laser tattoos have been invented by a Spanish company, which can apply logos, information or even QR codes on to the food safely! No more peeling off those labels from your fresh food.

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